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The following links will allow you to download all the information required to manufacture PrimerCubes. These files and the rights to use our patents covering this technology are provided by the PrimerField Foundation free of charge. All links will open in a new window. We encourage anyone interested in this technology to download these files so that this technology cannot be suppressed by those who are more concerned with profits than people. The more people who download these files the better. This knowledge now belongs to you.


Google Drive Files

If you have a Google or Gmail account you can download the following files from Google Drive. Google accounts are free and sign up is easy.

If you do not have a Google account you can sigh up here:

Download all of our files available to the public on Google Drive with the link below

Large folder (203 MB) containing all files required to manufacture PrimerCubes. This folder contains all 15 folders below.

You can also go directly to the individual folders contained in the large folder above by clicking on links below.

PrimerCube Manufacturing Guide A step by step guide to manufacturing PrimerCubes

CAD Files Complete CAD files for the PrimerCube in Autodesk Inventor format. Prepared with Pack and Go (Large Folder 59 MB) Open file PrimerCube 2019.iam once you have downloaded all files in this folder to see complete assembly.

AYAA Battery Pack Specifications for ordering the battery pack components from AYAA Tech

Electronic Components Details and Invoices for the Electronic components used on the PrimerCube

Miscellaneous Supplies Details on Loctite products we recommend for manufacturing the PrimerCube

Barmeter Display Images and specifications of the barmeter display used on the PrimerCube.

Icomold Step Files This folder contains the step files sent to IcoMold to produce the injection molds for 15 different parts on the PrimerCube

PrimerCube field data Results from testing the field emitted by the PrimerCube with four different field measurement instruments.

Bowl Patent This contains a copy of the US patent covering the magnetic bowl shaped array used in the PrimerCube

Magnet Specifications Details on the magnets used in the PrimerCube and where we obtained the magnets we used.

Cables and Connnectors Details of the cables and connectors used in the PrimerCube

Maxon Motors Specifications for the Maxon motor and Maxon Controller used in the PrimerCube.

Printed Circuit Boards Contains the files required for the three custom printed circuit boards used on the PrimerCube

CNC Parts Contains the files needed to produce the CNC machined parts on the PrimerCube

McMaster Carr This folder contains the McMaster Carr part numbers for the small parts used on the PrimerCube.


Files for Rapid Prototyping of Magnetic Bowl Array Only

Magnetic Bowl Array This folder contains a variety of files types to allow you to produce our part # PC 110 which is the bowl shaped magnetic array used in the PrimerCube with Rapid Prototyping machines or through a Rapid Prototyping Service. The best file type to use for rapid prototyping is normally .stl. Here is a direct link to our file

PC 110 with array hole.stl

This file can be sent to a Rapid Prototyping service to get an exact duplicate of the bowl shaped array used in the PrimerCube. Once the magnets have been inserted according to the directions provided in the PrimerCube Manufacturing Guide, you will have a working array that is useful for pain relief in many situations. Although this array works for many pain issues even when not spinning, it is far more effective for pain and other ailments when spun at a speed of 3350 RPM as described in the PrimerCube Manufacturing Guide.

You can find a free viewer for all our CAD files at Autodesk through this link.


Or you can search online to find a free CAD file viewer that better fits your needs.

Also provided is the CNC code we used to drill the holes for the magnets in the pre-machined delrin bowls with our five axis mill. Machined delrin is desirable for spinning arrays, but rapid prototyping methods will work just fine for static (non-spinning) arrays.

Alternate Download through Tresorit

If you do not wish to use Google Drive to download the files above we have also provided the files for download through Tresorit. These files are exactly the same files in our Google Drive above so there is no need to download the files from both Tresorit and Google.

Large Folder (203 MB) with all information needed to manufacture PrimerCubes Tresorit Download