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The PrimerCube and PrimerField technology are not available for purchase through this website or any company associated with this website. The PrimerField Foundation and those associated with it sell no products whatsoever. Our goal is to inspire many qualified researchers to begin testing this technology as soon as possible by utilizing the information on this website. All information is provided free of charge per our non-profit mission. If you are interested in helping spread the information on this website in other languages or countries, please fill out the form below, and we will respond as quickly as we can. Please be patient as we are currently overwhelmed with information requests.

Please do not write us about anyone else’s theories or discoveries. There are way too many that are absolute unscientific nonsense. We will not even be mentioning the names of these groups as this will only give them more attention and this will increase the possibility that people will be taken advantage of. In addition we do not have the time to investigate anything other than that which we are already working on. So if you write us about any other theories or ideas, our filters will block that email and you will not receive a response. We simply do not have enough time to read these types of emails. We hope you understand.

 Your privacy is important to us, and your information will not be shared with any third-party. You will only receive the information that you request. 

Even though we would love to help those who wish to acquire our technology, please do not contact us to acquire a PrimerCube or PrimerField technology. We cannot provide any of our technology to anyone.  We are extremely frustrated by the position we must take in this matter, but since we are openly telling the world what this technology can do, we absolutely cannot provide any product based on this technology to anyone due to FDA regulations. We are very sorry.

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