True Anti-Ageing

Does the PrimerCube actually slow biological ageing? Twelve years of testing indicate that it certainly appears to. Test subjects who have used PrimerCube technology on a daily basis for a period of one year have noticeably better skin and hair. Some users with grey hair have even seen a reversal of the greying and had their hair return to the color and condition it was when they were much younger. These changes in hair have been seen in as little as one month when a PrimerCube device was used daily. Many who were completely grey for years even had their hair return to the condition and color it was years before. Their hair had more color, shine, flexibility, and basically had the appearance of younger hair. As of yet no one has had a complete reversal from being totally grey to having no grey hair, but the greying process can definitely be slowed or even reversed to a certain degree. Interestingly among those who were totally grey for years there was a return of many individual hair follicles that were dark throughout. But more usually their grey hair would change from being totally grey to a color between totally grey and totally dark. One interesting aspect to the changes seen in this grey hair reversal is that the change in color of individual strands of hair does not start at the base and then grow out. The entire length of a strand of hair will change color at the same time. We continue to study these effects on hair as it could be a big clue in understanding the exact biological mechanisms behind how the PrimerCube truly functions.

The PrimerCube increases the effectiveness of anti-ageing treatments

Research has revealed that anti-ageing products such as wrinkles creams, scar treatments, and dark spot removers can safely be used in conjunction with the PrimerCube. In fact using these types of anti-ageing products along with the PrimerCube can actually increase their effectiveness and often very dramatically. It appears that because the PrimerCube improves the overall functioning of the human body it also improves the body’s rate of response to many of these anti-ageing treatments. So if you already have had some success with a skin care product, you will most likely find that it will work even better when you add the PrimerCube to your overall anti-ageing arsenal.

Actual Results

In this unretouched photo you can see a close up of the hair of a 58 year old man who had quite a bit of grey hair before he started using PrimerCube technology on a regular basis over seven years ago. This photo shows the totally natural color and shine of his hair without any hair products in it at all. His hair has not been dyed or treated in any way which would alter its appearance.

Not all users see results this dramatic, but everyone sees significant improvement with regular use of a PrimerCube on a daily basis.

It should be noted that no other technology has ever actually reversed grey hair. 

This is the totally natural color and condition of his hair even though the only products he has used on his hair over the last seven years are inexpensive shampoos and conditioners. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Fingernails and Toenails

Those who use PrimerCube technology on a regular basis report that their fingernails and toenails grow at least twice as rapidly as they did before. Over time they also notice big improvements in the strength and flexibility of their nails. Doctors will tell you that the condition of your nails is an indicator of your overall health and those who use PrimerCube technology on a regular basis report very healthy fingernails and toenails. Plus they report that their capillary nail refill time is excellent.  Click here to link to instructions so you can do this test yourself to check for dehydration and the amount of blood flow to the tissue under your nails.

The PrimerCube is about a lot more than better skin, hair and nails.

The anti-ageing benefits the PrimerCube provides go much more than just skin deep. Regular users experience dramatic improvements throughout their body. They have more energy, more endurance, more flexibility, more vitality, and they have increased strength. Plus they have far fewer aches and pains than they did before they began using PrimerCube technology. This leads to them being more physically active and of course regular exercise leads to improvements in weight and muscular condition. Then most of those who exercise on a regular basis find that they now naturally desire healthier foods which also then leads to feeling and looking better. So for many people the PrimerCube will truly be the "Primer" to getting them started in living a much happier and healthier life. But there is even another important place the PrimerCube has proven to have tremendous benefits.

The Bedroom

 Both male and female users of PrimerCube technology find sex to be far more enjoyable than it ever was before. Men who use the PrimerCube on a regular basis find they no longer need Viagra, or other drugs for optimal sexual performance.  Of course this means they also avoid the potentially very serious side effects that often accompany many of these drugs. Women also report great benefits in their sex lives with increased arousal and pleasure. Plus since the PrimerCube is small and portable it can simply be placed where ever desired for maximum results and enjoyment. With regular use of PrimerCube technology couples of all ages reported having “the best sex of their lives”.

So as you can see, true anti-ageing is about a lot more than just preventing wrinkles or looking younger. True anti-ageing affects how your entire body functions. Scientists state that achieving true anti-ageing is very important due to the fact that a person's biological age is directly related to their susceptibility to disease and illness. The older a person's biological age the more likely they are to be diagnosed with cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson’s, and many other age related issues. Therefore if you can truly slow the ageing process you thereby delay the onset of age related issues and disease.  Research thus far clearly indicates that the PrimerCube is of great benefit in slowing or even reversing the effects of ageing not just superficially, but throughout the human body.  

Illustration of human chromosome with telomeres shown in red.

Illustration of human chromosome with telomeres shown in red.

Anti-Ageing and Telomeres

Telomere testing is the scientifically accepted method of testing the effectiveness of anti-ageing products. Through telomere testing the biological age of a person can be determined via simple blood tests. Telomere tests run on blood samples from some long term users of PrimerCube technology revealed that their biological age was as much as 50 years younger than their actual age! No other technology or supplement has ever shown actual telomere test results even close to this.

An actual photomicrograph of chromosomes with the telomeres on the tips

An actual photomicrograph of chromosomes with the telomeres on the tips

What are Telomeres?

Telomeres are a very exciting area of research in the medical community and many believe that if telomeres could be lengthened it would be one of the most important breakthroughs in history. The 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to three scientists based on their research that revealed how telomeres function to protect human cells from degradation. Telomeres are the end caps on chromosomes which insure that our DNA is replicated without errors during normal cell division. It has been discovered the longer the telomeres the more accurately DNA is replicated without errors or degradation. The younger a person is the longer their telomeres are. There has also been a tremendous amount of research that correlates the length of a person’s telomeres directly to their overall health. A person with long telomeres is far less likely to develop cancer and a host of other age related issues. Long telomeres have been associated with longer life, better skin, hair, and increased vitality. Based on this information, researchers involved in telomere research believe that if we can keep telomeres long we can live far longer without many of the age related issues which normally accompany old age.

Telomere Supplements?

Many companies are trying to develop supplements that will increase telomere length. Some companies presently marketing telomere supplements have made great claims for their product's ability to increase telomere length. Unfortunately they never actually prove that their product actually lengthens telomeres by showing actual test results. Telomere length can easily be determined by a simple blood test that is readily available and costs less than $300 US. So if anyone had a product that actually improved telomere length, it would be very easy to prove with these simple blood tests. But despite all the fantastic claims of those selling these supplements thus far none of them has shown any actual improvement in telomere length or even the ability to maintain telomere length. They avoid that issue by diverting your attention with fancy photos, illustrations, and testimonies of people talking about how much “younger” they feel etc. They will link to videos and scientific studies about how longer telomeres mean longer life. They will tell you of studies on mice treated with telomerase but neglect to tell you the only positive results seen in these studies were on genetically altered mice. They will also leave out the fact that normal mice saw no benefits from telomerase treatment in these studies at all.

But they will overwhelmed you with science facts and information showing telomere research at other institutions. But the one thing these supplement marketers never show are the actual results of a simple telomere test that proves their product will actually do what they claim for humans. The fact that these marketers of “telomere supplements” never actually show the results of even a single telomere test should tell you something about their products right away. If their supplement truly did lengthen telomeres you can be sure that they would proudly display the results of their telomere tests. But they never do. Why do they avoid showing any actual telomere test results if their product truly lengthens telomeres as they claim?

Now we are not going to absolutely claim that the PrimerCube can lengthen telomeres, but data from actual telomere tests conducted so far indicate that it very likely can. With regular use of PrimerCube technology users have seen some dramatic results when blood samples were sent to certified telomere laboratories for testing. The inventor of PrimerCube technology, David LaPoint had been using this technology since December of 2006 and he had noticed dramatic improvements in his health and vitality, but he did not become aware of the field of telomere research until about four years later. Then in February 2012 he discovered that Spectracell Laboratories in Houston, Texas offered telomere testing for a cost of just under $300 US per test.

 So he decided to have a sample of his blood drawn at a clinic and sent to Spectracell Laboratories to determine the length of his telomeres which according to scientists in the field of telomere research would give an indication of his biological age. At that time Mr. LaPoint was 56 years old. He had been using PrimerCube technology almost daily for just over five years and had been using no other supplements or drugs. Since his health was so fantastic he was anticipating a good telomere score but the results that came back were simply unbelievable.

You see this initial telomere test revealed that his telomere score was 9.22 and that is the typical telomere score for an eight year old child! Because his test results were so incredible, he was very concerned that an error of some kind had taken place in the lab.  So in April 2012, another sample of his blood submitted to Spectracell Laboratories under the name of Bill Roberts. He used the name Bill Roberts so that the testing lab would have no idea that they were actually testing the blood of the same person again. The results of this test were even better than the initial test as they indicated a telomere score of 9.64. This would mean his telomeres were longer than those of the average child, even though he was 56 at that time. 

Click here to see the first telomere test report

Click here to see the second telomere test report

Now it is not certain that PrimerCube technology was solely responsible for Mr. LaPoint’s fantastic telomere scores, but considering the great improvement in his health after he began using this technology, it appears that it is very likely. Others users of PrimerCube technology have also realized dramatic improvements in health, vitality and endurance, but further research needs to be conducted to confirm PrimerCube technology can in fact consistently improve telomere length. You can find further information on telomere research by clicking on the links below. 

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