Our research over the last twelve years has found PrimerField technology to produce remarkable results without adverse side effects. To enable scientists and researchers around the world to investigate this technology for the lowest possible cost and as quickly as possible, the PrimerField Foundation is granting all rights to manufacture this technology for free. We are also providing all the information for either manufacturing companies or individuals to do this as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Over the years, those involved with the PrimerField Foundation have tested several different variations of the technology described on this website. All versions of the technology we tested produced the same health benefits as the latest version that is known as the PrimerCube. The main advantages of the PrimerCube design are the low manufacturing cost, a substantial reduction in the size of the device, and the ability to be operated cordlessly due to the lithium-ion battery pack in the PrimerCube.

The PrimerCube produces a rotating magnetic field that no other device currently available is capable of producing. In our research, the unique field emitted by this device provides health benefits offered by no other known technology. Due to the simplistic design, the PrimerCube is capable of being mass-produced at a low per-unit cost. See our Technology Transfer Area for the complete plans and specifications to begin producing PrimerCubes as quickly and inexpensively as possible whether you wish to build one PrimerCube or 100,000.

All of our information, files, specifications, as well as the rights to use this information to create PrimerCubes or devices based on this technology, are provided free of charge by the PrimerField Foundation. Also included are the rights to use our patent covering this technology to produce products based on PrimerField technology for healthcare and medical purposes. Our mission is to help all people live healthier and happier lives while at the same time, significantly reducing their healthcare costs. This technology’s low cost and portability make it perfect for use in third world countries where people do not have access to modern healthcare.

How It Works

The PrimerCube contains a patented magnetic array. Our research indicates that this magnetic array creates a uniquely structured ionic field. This ionic field produces unparalleled health benefits not only outwardly, but throughout the body down to the intracellular level. Researchers believe that the ionic field created by the PrimerCube magnetic array provides these benefits by imparting small electrical charges to the individual cells of the body. As these charges build up in the cells, small electrical currents then flow, which then leads to the dramatic results seen thus far. This theory was developed by examining how various issues responded to this technology over the last twelve years. Some health problems have responded very quickly to PrimerCube technology, and other health problems took much more treatment time to achieve positive results. Then some health issues have not responded to PrimerCube technology at all. By carefully looking at these issues and which ones have responded rapidly, slowly, or not at all, this theory of imparted electrical charges and minor electrical currents has come to be the most likely explanation as to how the PrimerCube truly functions. In the section on Bioelectricity below, you will find links to papers covering research at the University of Aberdeen in Aberdeen, Scotland.  These studies offer some additional information as to how bioelectricity was discovered to function in the body. These studies further strengthen the theory that our technology operates by imparting ionic charges to the cells within the body. Of course, this theory still needs to be proven. Therefore we are encouraging more research to provide a better understanding of the exact mechanisms by which the PrimerCube produces the results that it does.

Man at Desk w Cube.jpg

The PrimerCube is Easy to Use

Using the PrimerCube is as simple as turning it on and pointing it at a person’s body. Ideally, the PrimerCube should be placed about 30 cm (12”) from the body, but it can also be used effectively right next to the body and as far away as one meter (39”). The PrimerCube will run for over ten hours between charges, and it is nearly silent so that it can be used at the office, in the car, while watching television, reading a book, sleeping, working at a computer, exercising, etc. Because the unique ionic field created by the PrimerCube passes completely through non-metallic materials, even issues deep within the body are treatable. This ability to pass through non-metallic materials also means the PrimerCube effectively treats these issues even while wearing regular clothing except for metallic fabric or large pieces of metallic jewelry. The PrimerCube can also be used through heavy blankets, covers, and even through furniture as long as the furniture does not contain metals that could interfere with the structured ionic field. The PrimerCube can also be used very effectively inside of a backpack or large purse to provide treatment while on the go.

PrimerCube Chair

These images show an office chair with a PrimerCube mounted with adjustable straps and Velcro so that the emitted field is directed at the lower back. This arrangement is excellent for those who work sitting in a chair for long periods, especially those dealing with lower back pain. The chair shown in these photos has been in use for over two years with excellent results. Using the PrimerCube in this method keeps you energized and pain-free throughout the day. Even carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated very effectively in this method as the effects of the PrimerCube extend well beyond just the local area at which it is aimed. Importantly the chair should be constructed of non-metallic materials such as plastic, wood, fabric, etc. Pretty much any material which does not affect a magnetic field will work just fine. The chair can have metal screws and small hardware, but as you see in the chair shown here, there should be nothing between the user and the PrimerCube which could affect the emitted field. Click on any of the images to open the full-size image.

PrimerCube Backpack

Since the PrimerCube can be used in so many different ways, it is simple to find an approach that does not interfere with a user’s daily routine. Many people prefer to use a PrimerCube while sleeping, as this does not take any extra time from their day.  Then those who have to work long hours at a computer have found the chair shown above to be a miracle for treating back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. By using a PrimerCube people have found that they can work at a computer for many hours at a time without any physical issues. Many people report that if they use a PrimerCube while at a computer, they feel better after hours of working than when they first sat down. Assembly line workers can also realize the significant benefits of this technology by using a PrimerCube inside of a small backpack while they work. By doing this, they have increased energy and pain relief all shift long without any adverse side effects. Companies will find that by supplying their employees with a PrimerCube to use while working will lead to improved productivity, fewer sick days, and higher employee satisfaction. Shown here is a backpack made by LowePro which works well with the PrimerCube. With this backpack, you can walk all day with a PrimerCube providing pain relief and extra energy. This comfortable backpack also gives you plenty of extra space to carry whatever else you might need for your journey.

Bioelectricity Research

Researchers in Scotland have seen incredible results in laboratory experiments by inducing the flow of minor electrical currents both in-vitro and in-vivo. The results seen in this series of studies parallels what researchers working with PrimerCube technology have found. The findings from these studies in Scotland support the theory that the success seen with PrimerCube technology is in fact due to minor electrical current flows resulting from charges being imparted to the cells in the body. Below are three papers on this groundbreaking research which took place at the University of Aberdeen in Aberdeen, Scotland. Clicking on any of the images will open that paper in a new window.

From the Journal of Cell Science

From the Journal of Cell Science

From the Journal Nature

From the Journal Nature

From the American Physiological Society

From the American Physiological Society

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Rapid healing

In the three papers above the researchers found that by applying minor electrical currents across a wound the healing process could be greatly accelerated. Our research has also revealed that healing can be greatly accelerated when PrimerCube technology is used to treat injuries on humans, including bone fractures, burns and even open wounds. Clicking on the link below will take you to close up photos of some rapid healing that was seen when PrimerCube technology was used on a wound.



Three in One Treatment For Injuries

We found that when used on a typical injury the PrimerCube


Accelerates Healing



Our research found that the PrimerCube reduces pain, accelerates healing, and rapidly reduces the inflammation around the injury. Researchers had a lot of success in treating all types of inflammation with PrimerCube technology. Since the field created by the PrimerCube penetrates deep into the body, inflammation well below the surface was treatable. A very rapid visible reduction in swelling from sprains and other injuries occurred when people used PrimerCube technology. For instance, in badly sprained ankles, we have seen the swelling significantly reduced, and the pain of the sprained ankle greatly diminished in less than twenty minutes. Those with severely sprained ankles and similar injuries were often very surprised to find that they were able to walk on the injured ankle the next day without any pain at all. Many of the issues treated successfully with this technology are related to the PrimerCube’s ability to reduce inflammation. Our research indicates that the sooner the PrimerCube is applied to an injury, the faster the user recovers from that injury. Optimally it is best to treat an injury immediately after it occurs, thereby limiting the swelling and preventing further issues related to the injury.

Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

Since we have seen great results treating inflammation with PrimerCube technology, one area of research we are very excited about is the reduction in swelling in the brain after impact to the head. We have limited experience with brain injuries, but we are hoping to expand research with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) as so many people suffer debilitating effects from TBI. From the results seen with inflammation, the PrimerCube should be very useful in treating injuries to the brain, especially if treatment commences immediately after the initial trauma occurs. In head injuries, we believe treatment with a PrimerCube shortly after the initial impact would significantly limit the swelling and thereby prevent further damage to the brain.

Depression 2.jpg


The PrimerCube has been found to supply an almost instantaneous emotional boost to many of those who are battling depression. The best way for a user to realize this rapid improvement in attitude is by them holding the PrimerCube in front of their body with both hands while either sitting or standing. The PrimerCube should be positioned about 30 cm (12”) from the stomach, and it should be set to the highest setting (3350 RPM). Thus far this is what has been discovered to be the most effective setting for those who are struggling with depression, but users can try other intensity settings and also experiment with the pulse mode to see if that increases the effectiveness in fighting their depression. Although holding the PrimerCube with both hands as directed above seems to be the most effective for treating depression, users can also try other positions to maximize the effects. Another approach that has been useful for treating depression is placing the cube so that it is about 30 cm (12”) from your face. When pointing the PrimerCube at your face and slowly moving the PrimerCube side to side you will feel a force pulling on your face. The PrimerCube could provide relief for many people who struggle with depression or other emotional issues just as it is, but we believe that improvements to the control system in the PrimerCube could increase the effects provided by this technology. A PrimerCube controlled by a smartphone app would allow users to more easily set the optimal treatment protocol to one which works best for them. A smartphone app with preset programs for treating various issues would also be a significant advantage for users of the PrimerCube as this should help them rapidly find the settings which provide them the most benefits.

The PrimerCube and Natural Energy Levels

For those who have trouble sleeping the PrimerCube can be of great benefit in helping you fall asleep more quickly and sleep more soundly. The “pulse mode” of operation has been found to be the most effective way to use the PrimerCube for those with dealing with insomnia. The pulse mode is set by the rear knob on the side of the PrimerCube. In “pulse mode” the PrimerCube field intensity and velocity increases and decreases according to the setting the user selects. With the pulse mode the PrimerCube can be adjusted to produce a very soothing slow wavelike field that helps users fall asleep very quickly. In this mode the PrimerCube is reminiscent of sleeping kitten quietly purring. Plus in addition to helping you sleep the PrimerCube is also providing the other benefits listed above including anti-ageing. Those who use the PrimerCube in “pulse mode” while they sleep will find that they often have very vivid, pleasant dreams and awake very refreshed. As you can see in the photo, using the PrimerCube while sleeping is as easy as turning it on and placing it next to you. The PrimerCube can even be used between two people in bed so that they both get the benefits of this amazing technology.

We have found the PrimeCube to benefit those who have insomnia. The key is getting the rotational speed of the field set to the correct RPMs according to that which is best for the user. Most people who have insomnia found a low RPM setting the most helpful if they are otherwise in good health. A typical low-speed setting for insomnia would be around 1500 RPM, but a person’s natural energy level at the time of use ultimately determines what speed is best for them in dealing with insomnia.

To illustrate this point, let’s look at a few examples.

Example A. This person is in good health and ran a 10k race that day. Setting the PrimerCube on the highest setting (3350 RPM) while they sleep would most likely be the best for them as their body will use the extra energy to recover from running the race. The excess energy supplied by the PrimerCube is used for recovery and does not affect their sleep.

Example B. The same person in example A has not done anything for exercise that day. If they were to set the PrimerCube to the highest setting when going to bed, it would most likely result in them not sleeping as soundly due to the excess energy supplied by the PrimerCube. So for them to sleep soundly after an inactive day, they would want to set the PrimerCube to a lower RPM.

Example C: The same person in the above two examples has gotten the flu. When sick, a person would probably want to set the PrimerCube to the highest setting (3350 RPM) as the body will use the excess energy supplied to help recover from the flu more quickly.

As you can see, the ideal setting for using the PrimerCube as you sleep depends on the user’s natural energy level at bedtime. The higher the user’s natural energy level, the lower the rotational speed should be set on the PrimerCube. The lower the user’s natural energy level, the higher the rotational speed should be set on the PrimerCube.

Setting the rotational speed of the PrimerCube at too high an RPM will result in a feeling of too much energy very similar to that of drinking too much coffee. The good thing is that this feeling of too much energy will dissipate fairly quickly when the PrimerCube is set to the lowest setting or turned off.

When someone has insomnia, they most likely have too much natural energy. Therefore the rotational speed of the PrimerCube should be set at about 1500 RPM, which is 25% of the blue led bar graph on the top of the cube. A PrimerCube controlled by a smartphone app would enable a user to more easily set a sleep schedule that is the most beneficial for their particular situation and natural energy level. Utilizing a smartphone app a user with insomnia could set the rotational speed of the PrimerCube to around 1500 RPM for the first part of the night and then have the PrimerCube automatically ramp up to full speed (3350 RPM), about one hour before the user plans on waking up. By doing this, they would sleep better, and then the higher RPM right before they wake up would provide them with extra energy to start the day.