The PrimerCube is a revolutionary health enhancement device that produces amazing results without negative side effects.

How the PrimerCube Works

The PrimerCube is based on a patented technology that enables it to create a uniquely structured ionic field. This ionic field produces unparalleled health and anti-ageing benefits not only outwardly, but throughout the body all the way down to the intracellular level. Researchers believe that the ionic field created by the PrimerCube provides these benefits by imparting very small charges to the individual cells of the body. As these charges build up in the cells small electrical currents then flow which then leads to the dramatic results seen thus far. This theory was developed by examining how various issues responded to PrimerCube treatment over the last eight years. Some issues have responded very quickly to PrimerCube technology and other issues take much more treatment time before positive results were realized. Then a certain number of issues have not responded to PrimerCube technology at all. By carefully looking at these issues and which ones have responded rapidly, slowly, or not at all, this theory of imparted electrical charges and minor electrical currents has come to be the most likely explanation as to how the PrimerCube truly functions. In the section on Bioelectricity Research further down on this page are some links to studies that were conducted at University of Aberdeen in Aberdeen, Scotland.  These important studies offer some additional information as to how bioelectricity  was discovered to function in the body. These studies further strengthen the theory that the PrimerCube truly functions by imparting ionic charges to the cells within the body. Of course this theory still needs to be absolutely proven, therefore research continues in order to better understand the exact mechanisms by which the PrimerCube produces the results that it does. But among the researchers involved with this project there is no debate about the fact that the PrimerCube works and often when no other prior treatment had been successful. 

The PrimerCube is Easy to Use

Using the PrimerCube is as simple as turning it on and pointing it at your body. Ideally the PrimerCube should be placed about 30 cm (12”) from the body, but it can also be used effectively right next to the body and as far away as one meter (39”). The PrimerCube will run for over ten hours between charges and it is nearly silent so that it can be used at the office, in the car, while watching television, reading a book, sleeping, working at a computer, exercising, etc. Because the unique ionic field created by the PrimerCube passes completely through non-metallic materials it has been found that even issues deep within the body can be treated without any problem. This ability to pass through non-metallic materials also means the PrimerCube can be used while wearing normal clothing except for metallic fabric or large pieces of metallic jewelry. The PrimerCube can also be used through heavy blankets, covers, and even through furniture as long as the furniture does not contain metals that could possibly interfere with the structured ionic field. The PrimerCube can even be used very effectively inside of a backpack or large purse to provide treatment while on the go.

With all the various ways a PrimerCube can be used it is very easy to find one that does not interfere with your daily routine. Many people prefer to simply sleep next a PrimerCube in bed at night. Then those who have to work long hours at a computer have found the PrimerCube to be a miracle for treating back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. By using a PrimerCube people have found that they can work at a computer for many hours at a time without any physical issues. In fact many people report that if they use a PrimerCube while at a computer they feel better after hours of working than they did when they first sat down. This means that the PrimerCube is a must have device if you work long hours at a desk or computer. Assembly line workers can also realize great benefits of this technology by using a PrimerCube inside of a small backpack while they work. By doing this they will be remain energized and pain free all shift long without any negative side effects. Companies will find that by supplying their employees with a PrimerCube to use while they work will lead to improved productivity, fewer sick days and greater employee satisfaction. This would apply to those working in the office to those working on an assembly line.

Bioelectricity Research

Researchers in Scotland have seen incredible results in laboratory experiments by inducing the flow of minor electrical currents both in-vitro and in-vivo. The results seen in this series of studies parallels what researchers working with PrimerCube technology have found. The findings from these studies in Scotland support the theory that the success seen with PrimerCube technology is in fact due to minor electrical current flows resulting from charges being imparted to the cells in the body. Below are three papers on this groundbreaking research which took place at the University of Aberdeen in Aberdeen, Scotland. Clicking on any of the images will open that paper in a new window.

From the Journal of Cell Science

From the Journal of Cell Science

From the Journal Nature

From the Journal Nature

From the American Physiological Society

From the American Physiological Society

Rapid healing

In the three papers above the researchers found that by applying minor electrical currents across a wound the healing process could be greatly accelerated. Our research has also revealed that healing can be greatly accelerated when PrimerCube technology is used to treat injuries on humans, including bone fractures, burns and even open wounds. Clicking on the link below will take you to close up photos of some rapid healing that was seen when PrimerCube technology was used on a wound.



Three in One Treatment For Injuries

When used on a typical injury the PrimerCube


Accelerates Healing



The PrimerCube not only reduces pain and accelerates healing it also helps to rapidly reduce the inflammation around the injury. Users have had a lot of success in treating all types of inflammation with PrimerCube technology. Since the field created by the PrimerCube penetrates deep into the body, even inflammation well below the surface can be treated very easily and effectively. A very rapid visible reduction in swelling from sprains and other injuries is often seen when they are treated with PrimerCube technology. For instance in badly sprained ankles we have seen the swelling greatly reduced in less than twenty minutes. Plus the pain of the sprained ankle is also greatly diminished at the same time. Those with severely sprained and similar injuries are often very surprised to find that they are able to walk on the injured ankle the next day without any pain at all. Many of the successful results seen with the other conditions listed at the bottom of this page are obviously related to the PrimerCube reducing inflammation.

Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Since we have seen great results treating inflammation with PrimerCube technology one area of research we are very excited about is the reduction in swelling in the brain after concussive injuries. We have limited experience with brain injuries, but we are hoping to expand research with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) this coming year as so many people suffer very debilitating effects from TBI. From the results seen with other blunt force injuries it is believed that the PrimerCube would be very effective in treating concussive injuries to the brain especially if treatment could commence immediately after the initial trauma occurs. It is theorized that if treatment with a PrimerCube could begin immediately after the initial trauma this would greatly reduce the initial swelling and thereby prevent further damage to the brain. Hopefully the funding will be in place soon to pursue this very important area of research.


The PrimerCube has been found to supply an almost instantaneous emotional boost to many of those who are battling depression. The best way to realize this rapid change in attitude is by holding the PrimerCube in front of you with both hands while either sitting or standing. For the greatest emotional lift the PrimerCube should be held about 30 cm (12”) from the stomach and it should be set to the highest setting. Thus far this is what has been discovered to be the most effective setting for those who are struggling with depression, but users can try other intensity settings and also experiment with the pulse mode to see if that increases the effectiveness for their issues. Although holding the PrimerCube with both hands as directed above seems to be the most effective for treating depression, users can also try other positioning in order to maximize the effects. We hope to do further research with the PrimerCube for treating depression through customized programming of the computerized control module inside the PrimerCube in the coming year. But even as it is right now the PrimerCube could be the answer for many people who struggle with depression or other emotional issues.


For those who have trouble sleeping the PrimerCube can be of great benefit in helping you fall asleep more quickly and sleep more soundly. The “pulse mode” of operation has been found to be the most effective way to use the PrimerCube for those with dealing with insomnia. The pulse mode is set by the rear knob on the side of the PrimerCube. In “pulse mode” the PrimerCube field intensity and velocity increases and decreases according to the setting the user selects. With the pulse mode the PrimerCube can be adjusted to produce a very soothing slow wavelike field that helps users fall asleep very quickly. In this mode the PrimerCube is reminiscent of sleeping kitten quietly purring. Plus in addition to helping you sleep the PrimerCube is also providing the other benefits listed above including anti-ageing. Those who use the PrimerCube in “pulse mode” while they sleep will find that they often have very vivid, pleasant dreams and awake very refreshed. As you can see in the photo, using the PrimerCube while sleeping is as easy as turning it on and placing it next to you. The PrimerCube can even be used between two people in bed so that they both get the benefits of this amazing technology.

Strengthens Immune System

In looking at all the issues that have been successfully treated with PrimerCube technology it is very apparent that many of the positive results are due to a strengthened immune system. When one has a strong immune system the body is better equipped to fight many issues such as colds, flu, and other infectious diseases. This is exactly what has been seen with those who use PrimerCube technology on a regular basis. Even when others around them are coming down with colds or flu, they often seem to be able to fight these issues off without really getting sick. Typically they notice that they will start to get the precursors to a cold or flu such as sniffles or a minor sore throat, but by the next day all the issues have disappeared and they are back to 100% health. Interestingly the inventor of the PrimerCube has been using this technology daily for over eight years and in that entire time he has not had any cold, flu or other infectious disease. What is especially notable about this is that prior to using PrimerCube technology he would get a severe cold or flu every year. So it truly appears that regular use of PrimerCube technology greatly strengthens one’s immune system.