Below are photos of a finger that was badly crushed mountain biking accident when a brake cable snapped while the rider was going downhill at high speed. During the ensuing crash the finger shown here was crushed between the brake level and the ground which resulted in wound shown here. As you can see the finger was smashed so forcefully that it literally popped the finger open more than half way around. The before photos were taken October 7, 2014 and the after photos were taken on November 13, 2014. In an experiment to see how this finger would respond to treatment with a PrimerCube alone no stitches were used and no medical personnel were involved in treating this wound at all. The finger was simply treated by washing, antibiotic cream, and band aids. Then a PrimerCube was used on it for 30 minutes per day. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TREAT YOURSELF IN THIS WAY UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. YOU SHOULD SEE A DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY IF YOU EVER INCUR AN INJURY THIS SEVERE.  If you look very carefully you can see a small scar is all that remains of this injury. Although the finger was numb in this area for several weeks after the injury the finger is now fully functional with no remaining issues from this accident. You can advance to the next photo by clicking on the image or you can navigate by using the arrows on the edge of the images. These photos have not been retouched or altered in any way. WARNING THESE IMAGES ARE GRAPHIC AND SHOW AN OPEN WOUND.